Verena Seufert (My C.V.)
After earning a diploma degree in Biology at the University of Würzburg, Germany, I started a PhD in Geography at McGill in 2010. During my Biology degree I worked on relatively small-scale processes (e.g. the regulation of photosynthesis in plants and the seed dispersal patterns of frugivorous vertebrates). As fascinating as it is to get insights into the functioning of these intricate mechanisms, I became increasingly aware over the course of my studies that I do not only want to understand how things work, but also understand what role these things have on a larger scale, why things are so often going amiss and what we can do about it. Geography seemed like the perfect discipline to pursue these questions. In my current research I am looking at the challenge of global agriculture: How can we provide sufficient, accessible food at all times without destroying the environment? In this context I am interested in organic agriculture and how it performs on several key dimensions, including its productivity, biodiversity, water quality and livelihood consequences.

Seufert, V. & Müller, C. (in prep). Nitrogen and crop photosynthesis - II. A meta-regression analysis of the Amax-NL relationship in crops.

Seufert, V. & Müller, C. (in prep). Nitrogen and crop photosynthesis - I. A meta-analysis of crop response patterns to N limitation.

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