Christopher Wellen

Department of Geography, McGill University


Here are links to some interesting stuff on the Internet.

My Work

My research is situated in a larger project jointly headed by McGill and the Cree village of Wemindji, the people with whom I am doing my fieldwork. The project seeks to create a culturally appropriate protected area on Wemindji territory. The project has a website. Feel free to check it out.

I have also completed a prototype of a digital map of Cree placenames. The map is built using MapServer and PHP/Mapscript. A demonstration will be published here as soon as I have permission from the Community and our Grant's publishing committee.

In the mean time, you may download the php code for three versions of the interface and the mapfile for the digital map.

The OWL ontology I developed can also be downloaded. It is meant to be opened with the Protege ontology editor.

My Colleagues

My supervisor Renee Sieber's website.

Phd student Peter Johnson's website. Peter works with Renee as well.

Phd student Gwilym (Lucas) Eades's website. Lucas works with Renee as well.

Masters student Britta Ricker's website. Britta works with Renee as well. Check out her Google map of Montreal.

Free GIS data

There is tons of Free GIS data on the Internet. Here are some of the better sources I have found:

US one stop portal. This site indexes all the data available for the US.

GeoBase and Geogratis do essentially the same for Canada.

The Global Land Cover Facility hosts terabytes of free Landsat, AVHRR, and MODIS data and products.

The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission mapped the elevation of most of the earth's surface at 90 meter resolution, that of the US at 30 meter resolution.

Free GIS software

Hypercube is a free remote sensing piece of software.

QGIS and GRASS are free pieces of GIS software.


2007 Christopher Wellen