Nancy Ross


Nancy Ross studies the geo-social determinants of health with an emphasis on how physical and social urban environments shape human health across the lifespan. Her research is supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canada Research Chairs Program.


Completed PhD Students:

Dr. Chantelle Richmond (
2003-07) “Dimensions and Determinants of Aboriginal Health in Canada” (CIHR ACADRE Scholar; SSHRC Doctoral Scholar; John Hastings Public Health Award Winner). Dr. Richmond is an Associate Professor at Western University and a CIHR New Investigator Awardee. Dr. Richmond was elected to the Canadian Royal Society’s College of New Scholars in Fall 2015.

Dr. Dana Wilson
(2003-08) “Urban Environmental Influences on Youth Gambling” (Canada Graduate Scholar). Dr. Wilson is currently on maternity leave. She has held a sessional position at the University of Toronto (Mississauga Campus) and has worked for the Peel Region Health Board.

Dr. Daniel Crouse (
2005-09) “Social and Physical Environmental Determinants of Breast Cancer: a Case-Control Study of Montreal Women.” (Canada Graduate Scholar – co-supervised with Dr. Mark Goldberg). Dr. Crouse is currently an Assistant Professor at The University of New Brunswick.

Dr. Rania Wasfi
(2009-2015) “Public Transportation as a Social Determinant of Health” (co-supervised with Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta). Dr. Wasfi is currently an FRSQ-funded postdoctoral researcher at l’Université de Montréal.

Dr. Samantha Hajna
(2010-2016) “Seasonality, Neighbourhoood Walkability and T2D” CIHR Doctoral Scholar (co-supervised with Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta). Samantha will take up a postdoctoral position at The University of Cambridge in September 2016.

Current PhD Students:

Kelly-Ann Renwick
(2012- ) “The Health and Hospital Burden of Aging Alone.” Kelly Renwick holds doctoral research funding from FRSQ.

Completed MA Students:

Lorna Sampson
(2010-13) “Neighbourhood Deprivation and the Severity and Management of Gestational Diabetes.” Canadian Public Health Association’s Population and Public Health Award winner (Master’s level, 2012).  Lorna is currently a medical student in Ireland after a Research Coordinator position with the University of Toronto Health Network.

Stephanie Coen (
2004-06) “Neighbourhood Collective Efficacy and Cohesion in Bolivia” (co-supervised with Dr. Sarah Turner). Stephanie is a doctoral candidate at Queen’s University.

Saeeda Khan (
2002-04) “Neighbourhood Influences on Stress and Distress in Montreal, QC” Saeeda is a Researcher with Statistics Canada.

Current MSc (Epidemiology) Students:

Sarah Mah
(2013- ) “The hospital burden of low-income during pregnancy.”
Sidonie Penicaud (2015- ) “Does rail transit investment promote increased utilitarian walking in Canadians?”



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