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Tim Moore

Dept. of Geography
McGill University 
Room 626, Burnside Hall 
805 Sherbrooke St. W. 
Montreal, QC, H3A 0B9 
Tel: (514) 398-4961 
Fax:(514) 398-7437 

e-mail: tim.moore@mcgill.ca


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Research Interests

My interests lie in the relationships between soil and the environment, particularly the regulation of fluxes of gases, nutrients and elements between the soil and the atmosphere, the biosphere and the hydrosphere and the effect of human activities and climate change.

For the past decade, most of my attention has focused on peatlands and wetlands and the controls on the cycling of carbon in these systems. Northern peatlands contain one third of the global soil carbon pool, store carbon dioxide (CO2) in accumulating peat, emit methane (CH4) to the atmosphere and are major sources of dissolved organic carbon (DOC); they also store and cycle nutrients such a nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium. My work, in landscapes ranging from the Northwest Territories to Nova Scotia, has attempted to measure the magnitude of these fluxes and stores, to establish their important controls, to develop models and to examine the effect of changes, such as directly anthropogenic (for example, through the drainage or flooding of peatlands) or indirectly (for example, through climatic change and atmospheric nitrogen deposition) on carbon cycling. Thus, my work integrates aspects of atmospheric chemistry, plant ecology, hydrology, microbiology and soil science in a search to understand biogeochemical patterns in the landscape.


GEOG-203 Environmental Systems

GEOG-305 Soils and Environment

GEOG-505 Global Biogeochemistry



Contact Information

Department of Geography
McGill University
805 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 2K6
phone: (514) 398-4111 fax: (514) 398-7437

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