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Dr. Oliver T. Coomes

Department of Geography
McGill University,
805 Sherbrooke Street West,
Montreal, QC H3A 0B9

Current Students:

Lauren Wustenberg M.A. Student. Dynamic change in peasant agriculture in the Peruvian Amazon.


Lesley Johnson. M.Sc. Student. Remote sensing and community location in Amazonian Peru.


Past Graduate Students & Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Tim Holland Ph.D. 2016. Land markets, migration, and forest conservation on an Amazonian frontier in San Martin, Peru.

Geneva List M.A. 2016. Agriculture and the risk of crop loss in the Amazon river floodplain of Peru.


Gillian Gregory Ph.D. 2015. Floodplain livelihoods, rural-urban linkages, and aquatic resource conservation in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, Peruvian Amazon.


Sarah Wilson Ph.D. 2014. Replanting a future: restoring cloud forests, biodiversity and rural livelihoods in Andean landscapes.


Meghan Doiron M.Sc. 2013. Information access, market trade and rural livelihoods in the Peruvian Amazon: an analysis of communication networks and price uncertainty among riverine producers.


Benjamin Miltner M.Sc. 2013. Biochar soil management in traditional Amazonia agriculture: charcoal production and kiln site cultivation in Peru.


Jennifer Webb Ph.D. 2010. Environmental contamination of fish and humans through deforestation and oil extraction in Andean Amazonia.


Alexandre Magno Diniz CNPQ-Brazil Post-doctoral Fellow. 2009-10. Migration, colonization and livelihoods in frontier Roraima, Brazilian Amazon.


Jeanine Rhemtulla Post-doctoral Fellow. 2008-09. Market-oriented swidden-fallow agroforestry systems, economic livelihoods and landscape ecology in Peruvian Amazon.


Sean Sloan M.A. 2008. Reforestation amidst deforestation in the Bayano-Darien frontier, Eastern Panama: variations on the forest-transition thesis.


Jean-Michel Cohalan M.A. 2007. River trading in the Peruvian Amazon: market access and rural livelihoods among rain forest peoples.


Christian Abizaid Ph.D. 2007. Flood plain dynamics and traditional livelihoods in the uppper Amazon: A study along the central Ucayali river, Peru.


Maya Manzi M.A. 2005. Peasant adaptation to environmental change in the Peruvian Amazon: livelihood responses in an Amerindian and a non-Amerindian community.


Mathilde Perrault-Archambault M.A. 2005. Who manages home garden agrobiodiversity? Patterns of species distribution, planting material flow and knowledge transmission along the Corrientes river of the Peruvian Amazon.


Marie-Annick Moreau M.Sc. 2004. Rainforest fisheries: regional organization and household participation in the aquarium fish trade of the Peruvian Amazon.


Stéphanie Brisson M.A. 2003. Labor access and unequal land holdings among peasant farmers in a lowland and upland community of the Peruvian Amazon.


Mónica Kjöllerström M.Sc. 2002 (Agricultural Economics). "Reservation income and the decision to borrow: an empirical analysis of interlinked informal credit contracts in the Peruvian Amazon. (co-supervisor: Dr. John Henning, Dept. of Agricultural Economics).


Carolyn Crook Post-doctoral SSHRC fellow. 2001. Bioprospecting, resource use and environmental conservation in Costa Rica and Peru.


Kendra McSweeney Post-doctoral SSHRC fellow. 2001. Responses of indigenous peoples to abrupt environmental change: Impacts of Hurricane Mitch on the economic livelihoods of the Tawahka Sumu Indians, Honduras.


Kendra McSweeney Ph.D. 2000. “‘In the forest is our money’: the changing role of commercial extraction in Tawahka livelihoods, eastern Honduras”. 


Christian Abizaid M.A. 2000.  “Shifting cultivation and fallowing practices in a land-abundant ejido: an intra-community study of Nuevo Becal, Campeche, Mexico”.


Kittisack Chanthaboune M.A. 2000. “Demography, migration, and resource use among ribereño households in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, Peruvian Amazon”.


Natalie Lerch M.A. 1999. “Home gardens, economic plant diversity, and exchange of planting material in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve area, northeastern Peruvian Amazon”.


Kevin Taylor M.A. 1999.  “Data requirements for the establishment of protected area networks” (co-supervisor: Dr. Gilles Seutin, Dept. of Geography)

Victoria Diaz M.A. (Economics) 1998  “Land holdings and Household Size: Testing Causality” (co-supervisor: Dr. Franque Grimard, Dept. of Economics)


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Department of Geography

McGill University

805 Sherbrooke Street West

Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 0B9

phone: (514) 398-4111 fax: (514) 398-7437

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