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Geographies of Asia

The Department of Geography at McGill University has a considerable number of faculty working on research topics based in Asia. From India, China and Vietnam to Singapore, Malaysia and East Timor, we span urban and rural locales, authoritarian to democratic regimes, mountainous to lowland flood plains. We explore how people make a livelihood on an everyday basis and strive for food security, how households cope with extreme weather events and access ecosystem services, and how regime changes impact land tenure, property rights regimes and human rights.

Undergraduate courses we teach that involve Geographies of Asia:

Geog 210 Global Places and Peoples

Geog 217 Cities in the Modern World

Geog 310 Development and Livelihoods

Geog 407 (Special Topics) Planned Cities: Power, Ideology and Identity

Geog 408 Geography of Development

Geog 409 Geographies of Developing Asia

Geog 460 Research in Sustainability

Geog 515 Contemporary Dilemmas of Development

[Note that some of these courses are team taught so it might be a section that relates specifically to Asia. See the individual descriptions of the courses for more information, or contact the Undergraduate Advisor, Prof Akman, for more details]

Supervision: all the professors listed on the left are part of the Geographies of Asia cluster and welcome enquiries from students wishing to work on topics related to Asia. Please go to the individual faculty webpages for more information.


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