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Geography Course Listing

The broad perspective of the discipline of geography requires that our courses be taught in a variety of ways, ranging from large lecture halls to small seminars, from physical labs to computer labs, and from local, short field courses to condensed courses taught in the Arctic or Barbados, through to full terms field study semesters in Panama and Africa. Please select a link to see the course website. Course availability for a particular term can be found on Minerva.

Introductory Courses

GEOG 200: Geographical Perspectives on World Environmental Problems

GEOG 201: Introductory Geo-information Science

GEOG 202: Statistics & Spatial Analysis

GEOG 203: Environmental Systems

GEOG 205: Global Change: Past, Present and Future

GEOG 210: Global Places and Peoples

GEOG 216: Geography of the World Economy

GEOG 217: Cities in the Modern World

GEOG 221: Environment and Health

GEOG 272: Earth's Changing Surface

GEOG 290: Local Geographical Excursion

GEOG 291: Independent Short Projects in Geography

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Intermediate Courses

GEOG 300: Human Ecology in Geography

GEOG 301: The Geography of Nunavut

GEOG 302: Environmental Management

GEOG 303: Issues In Geography - Health Geography

GEOG 305: Soils and Environment

GEOG 306: Raster Geo-Information Science

GEOG 307: Socioeconomic Applications of GIS

GEOG 308: Remote Sensing

GEOG 309: Geography of Canada

GEOG 310: Development and Livelihoods

GEOG 311: Economic Geography

GEOG 316: Political Geography

GEOG 321: Climatic Environments

GEOG 322: Environmental Hydrology

GEOG 331: Urban Social Geography

GEOG 350: Ecological Biogeography

GEOG 351: Quantitative Methods

GEOG 360: Analyzing Sustainability

GEOG 370: Protected Areas

GEOG 372: Running Water Environments

GEOG 381: Geographic Thought & Practice

GEOG 382: Principles Earth Citizenship

GEOG 396: Undergraduate Research Project

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GEOG 403: Global Health and Environmental Change

GEOG 406: Human Dimensions of Climate Change

GEOG 407: Issues In Geography

GEOG 408: Geography of Development

GEOG 409: Geographies of Developing Asia

GEOG 410: Geography of Underdevelopment

GEOG 420: Memory, Place and Power

GEOG 423: Dilemmas of Development

GEOG 460: Research in Sustainability

GEOG 470: Wetlands

GEOG 490: Independent Studies in Geography

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Honours Program

GEOG 491: Honours Research

GEOG 492: Joint Honours Research

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Field Courses

In addition to the courses listed below, Geography offers courses as part of the Panama Field Study Semester (PFSS) and the African Field Study Semester (AFSS)

GEOG 404: Environmental Management 2 [part of Panama or Kenya field semester]

GEOG 416: Africa South of the Sahara [part of Africa Field semester]

GEOG 493: Health and Environment in Africa [part of Africa Field semester]

GEOG 494: Urban Field Studies

GEOG 495: Field Studies - Physical Geography

GEOG 496: Regional Geographical Excursion - Barbados

GEOG 497: Ecology of Coastal Waters

GEOG 498: Humans in Tropical Environments [part of Panama field semester]

GEOG 499: Subarctic Field Studies - Schefferville

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Graduate & Advanced Undergraduate Courses

GEOG 501: Modeling Environmental Systems

GEOG 502: Geography of Northern Development

GEOG 503: Advanced Topics in Health Geography

GEOG 504: Industrial Restructuring - the Geographic Implications

GEOG 505: Global Biogeochemistry

GEOG 506: Advanced Geo-Information Science

GEOG 507: Advanced Social Geography

GEOG 509: Qualitative methods in geography

GEOG 510: Humid Tropical Environments

GEOG 511: Advanced Political Geography

GEOG 514: Climate Change Vulnerability & Adaptation

GEOG 515: Contemporary Issues of Development

GEOG 523: Global Ecosystems and Climate

GEOG 530: Global Land and Water Resources

GEOG 535: Remote Sensing and Interpretation

GEOG 536: Geocryology

GEOG 537: Advanced Fluvial Geomorphology

GEOG 540: Topics in Geography 1 - Landscape Ecology

GEOG 541: Topics in Geography 2

GEOG 542: Advanced Studies in Geography 1 - Physical Geography

GEOG 543: Advanced Studies in Geography 2 - Human Geography

GEOG 550: Historical Ecology Techniques

GEOG 555: Ecological Restoration

GEOG 631: Methods of Geographical Research

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Summer Courses

These Summer Courses will be on offered in 2013 - please check with the undergraduate administrator.

GEOG 302: Environmental Management

GEOG 495: Field Studies - Physical Geography


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