Food security, access to clean water, poverty, climate change, biodiversity loss, sustainable energy
-- a long list of challenges face human societies in the 21st century.

In the face of these multiple challenges, the grand imperative of the 21st century is Sustainable Well-being -- in other words, how can we provide for a world population that could stabilize at 9-10 billion, while also maintaining the Earth’s life support systems?

What are the ethical and social justice underpinnings of Sustainable Well-being?
What are the economic and political dimensions of these challenges?
What science and technology will be needed to move toward sustainability?
What policy instruments, institutional arrangements and governance mechanisms can we craft to this end?

The Sustainability, Science and Society (SSS) program at McGill addresses these and related questions.

Note: The SSS program is currently available to students through Minerva. It will be on the calendars soon.